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All About Wildhorse Dental

Chesterfield’s Comfortable, Friendly Dental Choice

Here at Wildhorse Dental we produce smiles. Smiles that glow with health and balance. Smiles that look as good as they feel; that help you show your love of life.

Our training is outstanding to keep our methods up to date. We search for the best products and work with the best dental laboratories, so you receive the best dentistry. Your dental treatment with us will be empowering, educational and transformational in every way.

The Care You and Your Family Deserve

Our care focuses on comfort, convenience and quality – the very things we expect for ourselves. Our team is warm and friendly and our office is peaceful and relaxing. While many dental offices boast of their ability to sedate patients to achieve comfort, our patients become more comfortable than ever without such measures.

The Goal – A Lifetime of Dental Health

We will help you determine your optimum dental health goals, and then develop a plan to achieve it. Though we do participate with some insurance plans and do everything we can to maximize your benefits, we never allow insurance companies to dictate the quality of your care. The quality of our care remains the same, you determine the time it takes to achieve it. With our experience, and your commitment, there are no limits to your dental health.

It is everything your smile needs and deserves.

Prevention is the biggest benefit I get from the care at Wildhorse Dental, but they have helped me look and feel great too. I chipped my front tooth as a child and grew up with a dull smile. Because of the changes that Dr. Larson has made over the years, I am often complimented on my smile. I know it could not happen without the craftsmanship and attention to detail of Dr. Larson. My smile couldn’t be better and I couldn’t be happier!

- John