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added on: March 11, 2020 | By: Dr. Earl Larson

As reported in the Daily Beast (1/18), complaints and lawsuits continue to accumulate against companies who are doing business as Do It Yourself (DIY) orthodontic therapy. The FTC, Food and Drug Administration and numerous state attorney generals have received complaints ranging from shortened roots, non-detected cavities and gum disease that was untreated all the while receiving clear aligner orthodontic therapy. Dr. Earl Larson of Wildhorse Dental in Chesterfield, a provider of Invisalign for over fifteen years, states that it is indisputable that competent orthodontic movement of teeth cannot be done without a thorough dental examination and diagnosis, both of which are generally lacking with the DIY approach. Of course, SmileDirectClub’s chief clinical officer, Dr. Sulitzer, disputes the number of complaints against his company, and says that of the 48 complaints filed with the BBB, only a few were for clinical problems. Dr. Larson finds that odd because in his own general dental practice, he has already seen two patients who volunteered having problems and dissatisfaction with their treatment with SmileDirectClub.