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Regular Exams and Cancer Screenings

Preventing Chesterfield Dental Problems Before They Start

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Because all of our dentistry is focused on prevention, we consider your regular dental exams and screenings to be one of the most important parts of your dentistry. We encourage regular exams because we know that when damage, decay or disease is caught early enough, it can be treated far less invasively and often even reversed.


For a greener office and improved accuracy and record keeping, every treatment room is computerized. Computerization also allows us to instantly pull up your records and previous x-ray results for comparison. That means that even the slightest change in your teeth or gums is analyzed and recorded to let us catch damage, decay or disease as early as medically possible.


We use the latest technology such as the digital and panoramic x-rays for the best imaging technology, the DIAGNOdent decay detecting laser to see tiny cavities even before an x-ray could detect them and the Cavitron and Piezo ultrasonic cleaners for the most advanced and comfortable cleaning available anywhere.

We also offer oral cancer screening with every checkup, carefully examining your neck and under your tongue for lumps or other abnormal signs.

To speed communication and aid in transfers, we offer communication via email and text, and rapid transfer of radiographs and records to referring doctors through the Pankey referral network.

Why risk your health and your smile? Schedule your family’s exams and screenings by calling 636.537.0447.

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