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Your First Visit to Wildhorse Dental

A Very Special Dental Experience in Chesterfield

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Your first visit to Wildhorse dental is an important and unique experience. Patients have told us that they have never felt so cared for or listened to at any other dental practice.

We start the convenience by providing your dental forms to you before you arrive at our office. That means you can fill them out at your leisure – with all your information at your fingertips – instead of while sitting in our office.

Upon your arrival, we will meet with you in our comfortable consultation room, spending a little time to get to know you and your concerns and needs. When Dr. Larson has finished your pre-clinical visit, a hygienist will escort you to a treatment room where we will complete a full periodontal screening and dental exam along with x-rays and digital photos. These x-rays and photos help us see your mouth more clearly and allow us to discuss and show you conditions that may already exist.

Your first exam is remarkably comprehensive and includes occlusion or bite screenings, gum recession checks, periodontal pocket measuring, oral cancer screening, screenings for signs of wear and tear, assessing aesthetic concerns, checking your midline, and appraising how your teeth fit your face and relate to your smile. We take plenty of time to help your establish your long term dental health care goals.

When time appropriate, we will clean your teeth at your first appointment, if you’d like us to, and if your treatment needs are simple and straightforward, we will discuss your options with you. If your needs are more complex, a follow-up visit will be arranged to discuss any conditions and present options to get your mouth back to health and keep it that way..

Though it may seem time consuming, this process actually saves our patients both time and money because the more we understand you and your mouth as a whole, the more proactive and preventive we can be with your dentistry!

I have dental issues and you have taken excellent care of me. Thank you for being so patient with me.

- Cindy