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Crowns In a Day!

Chesterfield CEREC Dental Crowns

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Crowns are crowns, right? Not when they are CEREC dental crowns! CEREC dental crowns make it possible to have a crown designed, created and placed in one, easy dental visit; we can even create and place a tooth replacement crown in one visit!

The Benefits of CEREC One Visit Crowns

One visit CEREC crowns offer so many benefits to our patients. Since your crown can be created in one visit, you do not have to wear a temporary crown, you don’t have to make return visits for placement and adjustments, and you don’t need to sit through any extra Novocain injections!

But Dr. Earl Larson and Wildhorse Dental have invested in CEREC technology not only for the convenience of his patients. He also loves the fact that CEREC crowns afford him total control over the restoration process. He will create the crown to match your smile perfectly, shading and sizing it to fit just you!

A further benefit of the CEREC process is that in many instances, a tooth can be restored as strong as with a crown with a less invasive inlay or onlay procedure, thereby conserving tooth structure and involving less drilling than a crown would require.

Because these restorations are created of porcelain and sculpted to fit your tooth, they produce a natural chewing surface and block bacteria. The CEREC dental porcelains are compatible with tissue in the mouth, anti-abrasive and plaque resistant. Ask us about CEREC crowns by calling 636.537.0447, today!

Prevention is the biggest benefit I get from the care at Wildhorse Dental, but they have helped me look and feel great too. I chipped my front tooth as a child and grew up with a dull smile. Because of the changes that Dr. Larson has made over the years, I am often complimented on my smile. I know it could not happen without the craftsmanship and attention to detail of Dr. Larson. My smile couldn’t be better and I couldn’t be happier!

- John