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Are you missing one or more teeth? It can really affect the way you live, can’t it? Eating isn’t nearly as pleasurable and smiling and talking can be an embarrassing proposition. Wildhorse Dental is here to help with one of the most innovative solutions for tooth replacement available – dental implants! Dental implants are the newest, most efficient way to replace missing teeth permanently by replacing both the tooth and the root. We can work with our trusted oral surgeons and periodontists to give you the best implants results possible. The surgeon will place the implant post based on our specific pretreatment evaluation, and then we will create a beautiful replacement tooth to blend perfectly in your smile.

Seeing people who had lost confidence and enjoyment of life regain their confidence and comfort with implants is one of the reasons we enjoy practicing dentistry. Knowing that a person can eat what they want, laugh openly and face life without embarrassment or fear makes creating dental implant restorations one of our favorite procedures.

Implant Supported Dentures

Removable dental appliances like full and partial dentures and some bridges may be viable solutions for replacing missing teeth, but they can also be a hassle – sticky adhesives, removing to clean and soak overnight. If you’re tired of the routine and inconvenience, why not consider implant supported dentures? These dentures don’t require adhesives and they are so much more secure and comfortable than most traditional dentures with no slippage or irritation. How do they work? Simple! The implants provide support and fixation much like your natural teeth used to. In many cases we can even use dentures you do not remove but are permanently attached!

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