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Pain-Free Root Canals

Saving Chesterfield Teeth

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Have you been dealing with a very painful toothache? It might be time to talk to us about a root canal. Contrary to popular belief, a root canal can stop pain instead of starting it!

If you have any of these symptoms, please call us for an assessment right away:

  • Severe toothache
  • Gum swelling, tenderness or a pimple on the gum
  • Prolonged sensitivity to stimulus such as heat, cold, pressure or chewing – even when the stimulus has stopped
  • A darkened or discolored tooth

Please don’t wait. There may not be any noticeable symptoms with an active infection and procrastination can lead to the loss of your tooth – or worse!

Once an infection has started in your tooth, it begins to break down the tissue and bacteria begin to multiply. As the infection grows, an abscess can form at the roots of your tooth causing pain and swelling. If left alone, the infection could spread into the cheek, face, neck and head. To clean out the infection and stop the drainage, a root canal is performed

The Benefits of a Root Canal

The most obvious benefit of a root canal is that it stops toothache pain. Even better, it can allow you to keep your tooth instead of having it extracted.

Which would you rather have? A missing tooth or a painless dental procedure that could save that tooth? The answer is obvious. You want to keep your smile intact! Our tooth-saving root canals are usually completely pain-free and we offer sedation if you feel nervous at all. Ask us about our many options for your complete comfort.

Excellent experience. Staff and Dr. Larson delivered a fantastic experience. Come in for a cleaning and left with a bright smile and had a small filling taken care of. Appreciate the service and results!

- Dale