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Tooth Colored Fillings

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When you laugh out loud, what are people really looking at? Are they looking at the joyful, bubbly you – or are they looking at all the dark metal fillings in your mouth?

The biggest trouble with silver/mercury fillings goes beyond their appearance. The problem is, in part, that metal in your mouth reacts to temperature changes just the way it does outside your mouth, expanding and contracting when you drink or eat anything hot or cold. This constant movement weakens your tooth and can lead to crumbling chipping and cracking. It also allows bacteria to creep in under the filling and thrive.
We suggest this rule of thumb, the bigger the filling, the better the odds are that the tooth will hold up better over time when restored with another material.

The Metal Filling Alternatives

When appropriate we will recommend the use of tooth colored fillings instead of metal. We use tooth colored composite fillings because they look great and stay secure in your tooth much better than metal.

Our metal-free, tooth colored fillings can keep your smile looking – and feeling healthier for years and years! Find out more by calling 636.537.0447.

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